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Curb-Side Pick Up and Drop Off

Hopefully these services will make things easier.

Here is what you need to do for cleaning rugs:

Please call or email in advance to let us know the number of rugs you will be dropping off and we will need your name, address, and phone number if you are not already in our database.  As long as you are aware of our pricing and don’t have any further questions that were unaddressed during our phone or email communications, just pull up to the front door and call us.  Please make sure to pop your trunk and we will unload all of your rugs.  At this point you will be good to go.  We will get everything measured and assessed and call you on the same day for payment, as we do still take payment upfront for all cleanings.

If your rug needs repairs or more work than just a cleaning (fringe removal, binding, serging, etc…) we can discuss all of this by phone or email with pictures if necessary.  If there are further concerns you are welcome to come in to discuss in person.

We will send you your receipt by email or text and have a copy of your invoice for you when you pick up your rugs, which would work the same way as the drop off.

Ordering a Pad:

Just call to place the order and pay over the phone.  Once you arrive to pick it up, call us from the parking lot, pop your trunk for us and we will put it in your car.  The receipt will be with your pad.

Ordered Rugs:  

See ordering a pad.  It’s basically the same.

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