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Fine Bamboo Furniture

Our exotic bamboo collections are made from finer strands of bamboo fiber produced from the same strips used in our classic collection. These fibers are interwoven together and soaked in a special mixture of adhesive material in a huge 4 story hydraulic press mold, heated and compressed into very dense panels. The compression and heat transforms the honey toned caramelized color into a deeper, richer and much heavier panel resembling exotic hardwood material. This process not only showcases the ‘inner beauty’ of the Moso bamboo, but yields a much stronger material.

Both our classic and exotic collections are manufactured using the same 100% solid Moso bamboo. The difference lies in the method of production. Our classic collections are made from solid strips of the bamboo culm. Once properly sized and milled the strips are put into large steamers which ‘cook the sugars’ giving us our caramelized finish color. A few more production stages and the finished strips are laminated into solid bamboo stock and furniture panels of various thicknesses, plys and cross-plys, from which our classic collections are made.


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