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Azia offers Furniture, Pillows, and Accessories for all of your Home Decor needs.

Pacific Green

Pacific Green furniture is crafted from natural materials. These are sourced from sustainable operations around the world or are by-products from existing commercial activities (like our leathers which come from beef cows).

Our manufacturing processes are environmentally-sustainable and avoid toxins and chemicals. Even the finishing oils are 100% natural and the sawdust is used as a nutrient-rich agricultural fertilizer. Nothing is wasted and packaging materials are fully recyclable.

We are not perfect, but we are very close. The Pacific Green furniture and products that you buy reflect this commitment to social responsibility and accountability.


Natural Teak Collection

Our Natural Teak Collection is made from 100% Salvaged Teak. Unlike new wood (Plantation Teak), reclaimed Teak has already matured and achieved its natural seasoning. This beautiful wood is dense, durable, and eco friendly. For use in either indoor or outdoor settings, each piece of furniture is a truly unique one-of-a-kind work of art that will set your living space apart.

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