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Stain Guard & Fabric Protection:

Stain Protection for your Rugs!

  • No color or texture change
  • Increase in fiber strength & durability
  • Retains 80% effectiveness after 2 years of normal use
  • Will withstand many cleaning cycles before reapplication is necessary

Our Stain Guard penetrates the molecule of the fiber and seals it from within, instead of providing simply a topical, or surface coating.  This will help keep liquids and solids from taking hold, and creating stains.  Thus, giving you positive cleaning results.

Note: Application of this product does not mean that you can forego professional cleanings or that you shouldn’t spot treat and vacuum your rug at home regularly.  The purpose of this product is to make cleaning and stain removal easier.  Rugs must still be maintained and cared for as directed by Azia to ensure best results.

Treatments cost $1.50 per square foot.

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