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Potted Plants…Rug Care and Maintenance

Things everyone should know when it comes to rug care and Maintenance.

Whether you’ve newly purchased your rug from us or have had rugs in your home for decades, there are rules you can follow to extend the life of your beautiful floor coverings.

We’ll start with the most important:  Preventative care—how you can prevent an expensive “oops” from happening!

Potted Plants 

Potted Plant Much Better

Potted Plant DangerousDo not put potted plants directly on your rug (there should be a base that allows for space). Why? Because if water runs through the pot or if there’s any leakage the dye’s in the rug may run, the rug can mold, mildew, or worse, completely disintegrate in that spot.

The same actually goes for rugs being stored in places like garages, barns or basements where things can get wet and stay wet for a long period of time—humidity and dampness can also be harmful.  We really aren’t talking like in front of the sink or in a bathroom.  These are rugs that are consistently getting wet and somehow being prevented from thoroughly drying. An exception to this rule: indoor-outdoor rugs.

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